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Social Media – Can and Should It Be Taught to Students?

Social Media

In a technological world, social media is one of the most important aspects one should know in order to survive. Social media is everywhere you look, whether it is on your phone, or computer, or in your schools main buildings, it is connected to you wherever you are. Now imagine if students can be taught the ins and outs of social media, to the point where they can become a media maven. People will look at this and say, “ Social media cannot be taught. It is just something everyone comes by naturally.” I beg to differ. I believe with the amounts of information we have on social media now, it is a topic that can be taught and should be taught to students in Canada and all over the world.

Social Media as a Global Language

Social media is quickly becoming a language known to all. I know that sounds funny but when you really step back and look at it, social media is one common “language” spoken in many different countries. Social media is also expected to surge worldwide in the upcoming years, which will increase its commonality between countries. Along with it being common among countries, it is also common among youth as 98% percent of adult’s age’s 18-24 worldwide use social media. This means when you look around in your next lecture or seminar, almost everyone uses social media. If your professor showed you a live podcast of a classroom in Spain, 98% of that class uses social media. Now think about if the school you’re attending were to offer a course that teaches you how to professionally use and utilize social media, a language used by 98% of your age group (if you fall between 18-24) and in 30+ countries. Just looking at the percent of people who use social media and in how many countries it is used, it is clearly more influential to learn about social media then to learn Spanish. This is why I believe the teaching of social media can be a movement started and advanced by the younger generations in already developed academic institutions.

Social Media in the Business World

In todays society we so heavily define social media as something kids and young adults are using, which is so very true. What people avoid to look at or really research upon is the fact that social media is becoming much more apparent in the business world, with corporations all around the world using social media to their advantage. As a business student in university I try and do my best to keep up with social media medians. What I find personally disappointing is the lack of information business students or students in general get communicated to them on a daily basis about social media. No matter what career a student is pursuing you can bet social media is a huge aspect of that industry. Every university student knows these days that the workplace is so competitive. What if while attending university, students could learn to make themselves more marketable as a professional through social media or gain insightful knowledge about social media that can be used as a talking point in an interview or as a primary skill on a job application. These are all valuable elements that can be achieved through studying social media that makes individuals more attractive in the business world and can ultimately lead them to great success.

Social Media for Small Businesses

The Final Pitch

There are many different components to social media, some complex and some simplistic. These components, some of which are mentioned above are not usually utilized together and are often overlooked by everyday social media users. This leads me to my final pitch about social media and why it should be taught to students. First things first, statistics are the major element backing up the uprising of social media and its importance in the world. These numbers are not tampered with and they show the real value in social media. Lets look one step deeper and come up with a real social media example. Think of a profession like photography that can be heavily utilized by social media. Now lets say an academic institution taught this striving photographer how to use social media to market their abilities. Start off with a public Facebook page of the student’s photos, which provide further links to their Instagram and Twitter accounts, where more photos and comments are displayed. Through any one of these social medians, a Linkedin profile is attached with a direct way to communicate and connect with the student. In a brief moment with the help of a few social media outlets the student’s achievements, education and professionalism have just been marketed to a potential employer; the beauty of social networking. This truly demonstrates that if a few short paragraphs can show the importance of social media in todays society and some examples of how it can be used, there is no telling what a dedicated teacher and course could bring to so many bright and tech savvy students. The boundaries are limitless and the information regarding social media is infinite.

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