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Technology, Is It Making the Millennial Generation More or Less Intelligent?

As a millennial I have grown up in a technological age, an age that has been both praised and criticized. I have taken both the praise and criticism personally as I have grown up. I have decided to let my opinion be heard on how I think technology has impacted me as an adult, student and employee. I believe that technology is a helping hand in making us more intelligent than people think.

Growing up as a Millennial

I was lucky enough to be born and raised as technology was becoming more and more apparent in peoples everyday lives. My grandparents and parents on the other hand were not so lucky. My grandparents are from the so-called “Silent Generation” and my parents from the “Baby Boomers” generation. I have witnessed first hand what it is like for both generations when it comes to technology, the silent generation is lost and impatient, while the baby boomers are as knowledgeable as they choose to be. For me and all other millennial folk technology is a second nature. Now what does this say about our intelligence? It does not say much about our intelligence but it does show that us as a younger generation are much more comfortable with technology then our parents and grandparents.

Criticisms of the Millennial Student and Employee

I mentioned above the criticisms that went along with growing up in this younger generation. Executives in hiring positions and teachers from all over refer to the millennial as a lazy worker and lazy student, along with being selfish. I want to first go out and say this is a terrible generalization of the younger generation. I have heard this generalization first hand and have even heard the silent generation call the younger generation disrespectful. I think in extreme cases this generalization can be used, but the millennial generation is not an extreme case, and my close friends and I are testaments to this. Growing up in this younger technological generation and the generalizations that go along with it has made me work harder as a student, an employee and as an everyday adult.

How Technology Has Made the Millennial Generation More Intelligent

There are multiple reasons why I believe technology is making us more intelligent than what other generations perceive us to be. Some of the smaller reasons why technology is making us smarter are as follows:

  • Technology has helped us change the way educators teach millennial students
  • Technology has given us the ability to create massive networks
  • Technology has helped us to become more creative and has given us multiple avenues to express ourselves and communicate with others

These smaller components have done wonders for the millennial generation, but the component that stands out to me as having the biggest impact on increasing our intelligence is the amount of information we receive and obtain on a daily basis. I don’t think our bosses, our teachers or even our parents know how much information we comprehend everyday. There is a reason why our generation is referred to as the digital natives. Technology has made us more productive in school and out in the workforce, and has helped to create quality employees no matter who perceives us not to be. The millennial mind is quite complex and if the other generations took the time to understand our generation, it could be a benefit to all. Technology allows the millennial generation to continually advance our intelligence. Here is an article that really shows what we are capable of and how employers can benefit from hiring millennial students.

Living Proof

There is living proof that technology has made the millennial generation more intelligent. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook was the first millennial CEO and opened the doors for many to follow. He was brought up in the millennial age, which allowed him to use technology to create one of the most influential companies this world will ever see. As a millennial on the outside looking in it was shocking to see that Mark Zuckerberg was the first millennial CEO, but after doing more research it was clear that there were others to follow. I believe that as the technological boom advances there will be more and more millennial students and employees that step in and fill the void that the baby boomers will leave behind. I think it is safe to say that if the millennial generation is not yet proven in our society it will be in the years to come.

Mark Zuckerberg

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